Cauldron Online Slot is an online gambling establishment.

Cauldron Online Slot is an online gambling establishment.

Cauldron is the newest slot game that was created by Yggdrasil in partnership with Peter & Sons. The game transports players to the deep caverns of Algroth, a mysterious region where the wizard blended the strangest ingredients and threw them into the cauldron. You are in fortunate because despite the efforts of many explorers, it has not yet been discovered by you.

Before we get any further into our review of Cauldron, you should be aware that this fantastical slot machine has high volatility, 20 paylines spread over a 5×3 grid, and an RTP that is, on average, 96.04 percent. It has the usual Wilds and Scatters, as well as Free Spins with Multipliers, but it also has Super Free Spins, which may give you wins of up to 2,222 times your wager on a single play. Do you have the courage to go search for the magical cauldron yet?

How to Play the Online Slot Machine, “Cauldron”

Any mobile device, whether it be one powered by iOS or Android, may serve as the starting point for your hunt for the magical cauldron. However, given that it is an HTML5 slot, it can be accessed via any browser and can also be played on any desktop device. Simply loading it will cause you to get entranced by the artwork and animations that are shown on the screen. The designer and developer have really produced a work of art in terms of both the aesthetics and the layout.

You can make out the translucent reels as they float in the air above the actual cauldron. They are just above them, in the hands of the magician. You’ll see a meter off to the left of the reels; I’ll go into more detail about this meter later. You can find the Spin button on the right side of the screen, just below the reels. Below the Spin button are the Autoplay and Quickspin buttons. As you go to the left, you will first see the Wager display and configuration field. Here, you may enter a bet ranging from 0.20 to 100 credits. After that, you will see the Win and Balance displays. The Speaker button, which allows you to turn the noises on or off, and the three-bar button, which brings up the paytable, are both located on the leftmost side of the screen.

The Scattered Bonus magic potion bottle and the weasel are the two symbols that pay out the most money at the most reputable online casinos. They are then succeeded by the subsequent premium symbols, which are a frog, a bat, a spider, and a wasp, respectively. The five plants that pay the least are the poisonous nightshade, the venous flytrap, the rotten apple, and the toadstool. Keep these symbols in mind during the game since they will play a significant role in how the game is played. In addition to it, there is the regular Wild symbol.

Free Games and Features Associated with the Cauldron

In the Cauldron slot game, the Wild symbols may only appear on the middle reels, and when they do, they can take the place of any symbol other than the Scatter. When a Scatter is successfully gathered, its value is added to the meter that is located on the left side of the screen.

If you land three or more scatter symbols, you will be awarded ten free spins. Whenever you make a winning combination during the Free Spins with a symbol that has a high payout, that symbol will be enhanced and will pay out twice as much on the succeeding spins. You will get one more free spin with each subsequent upgrade. If you generate a win with a symbol that has a low payout, that symbol will be deleted from the reels and will not show again for the rest of the Free Spins. In addition, you will get one additional free spin for each elimination.

In the meanwhile, you will get one point on the meter for each Scatter that you have collected. When the meter hits 750 points, the Super Free Spins bonus round will become available. You will be awarded ten Super Free Spins, during which time all of the low-paying symbols will be eliminated from the screen, and all of the high-paying symbols will have a multiplier of two applied to them. Here is where you have the chance to earn up to 2,222 times your initial wager on each spin!

Maximum Win, Volatility, and Return to Player for Cauldron

Cauldron is a very volatile slot machine that has an average RTP of 96.04 percent. This was mentioned before. When it comes to payouts, it has the potential to award 2,222 times the amount wagered for each spin.

This indicates that you have the potential to win 222,200 credits on a single spin if you play it with the maximum stake of 100 credits. It is definitely worthwhile to give this game a go since the reward potential each spin is fairly respectable.

Summary of the Cauldron and Other Comparable Slots

Cauldron is one of the Best Slot Games in terms of visual depiction, despite the fact that it is just as risky as the game that Peter & Sons and Yggdrasil had previously collaborated on and was called Robin Sherwood Marauders. This one provides us an unrestricted look at how horrible ingredients are combined to create a magical potion in a wizard’s cauldron, which is portrayed in a very skillful manner, while the previous title delivered quite a common topic that was brilliantly done. Due to the fact that you very seldom come across such items in slots these days, we believe that to be something of worth. Cauldron is an online slot machine that is unquestionably worthy of your time due to the fact that it has amazing artwork, a gameplay that is somewhat entertaining, and outstanding rewards per spin, which can reach as high as 222,200 credits. If you are ready to give it a go, be sure to visit any of the online casinos that we have suggested on There, you may even be able to discover a Cauldron bonus that you can claim so that you can play the game with a boost!

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